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A Lifelong Pursuit

Tonight my girlfriend and I were reminiscing of the early days before our relationship truly came together as a couple. Between the moments of laughter and smiles, and the sobering moments where we realize where we both fell short, an even deeper revelation came to light. You see, even though I’ve told her why I care for her so, Katie asked me why she was the one. If I would have made the same sacrifices for another.

The answer was no.

Katie was and is different in every way to every other gal I was interested in before. I grew up with the romanticized belief that one day I would meet the perfect match for me, but until then I would wait. That doesn’t mean I hid in a cave and didn’t look for my future wife. It was just that no gal captured my heart so completely before. You see, I always prayed about it, and I still do. And God was faithful to tell me if He thought a girl was right to pursue. The Holy Spirit always gave me a clear and decisive “no” moment when I asked. Until I met Katie. I was praying one day and I said, “Y’know Lord, I really like this Katie gal.” And the Holy Spirit replied, “Me too.”

And that was that.

The difference between Katie and every other girl out there is that God designed her to be my perfect match and vice versa. The difference is that I need her. I don’t just want her, I need her in my life. And I believe it’s the same for everyone who is truly in love. God designed relationships to imitate our relationship with Him. We need Him so very much, and in the same manner, we need our closest friend and companion; our spouse.

My message to you single folks out there is this. Wait.

I’ve always looked at dating as the testing grounds for marriage, a pre-engagement. If you go into a dating relationship without being willing to marry your partner, the only other option is to break up at some point in time. So pray for God to prepare your future spouse for you, and you for them, be patient and reliant on His timing to introduce you, and most importantly remember to honor the one who gave you the best gift of all.

Keep Christ at the center. Pursue your partner as fiercely as Jesus pursues you.

Marriage isn’t something that just happens to you when you put on a ring; it’s a public demonstration of a personal commitment made over time dedicated in devotion and selfless love. You don’t become a professional athlete because you got an award; you become a pro over time through countless hours of practice. So in the same way, couples, I challenge you to pursue each other as if you were practicing for marriage. It’s a lifestyle, not a title.

Cole Menard on dating.

Your work is a very sacred matter. God delights in it, and through it he wants to bestow his blessings on you. This praise of work should be inscribed on all tools, on the forehead and faces that sweat from toiling.

Martin Luther