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Personal Revelations, and the Like

So, last week or so I posted my testimony on here. You can find that here

Basically, this week leading up to today has involved a lot of prayer, and well, personal discovery. I’ve been talking to folks about a recent suicide, trying to help them through it. I’ve also been encouraging some of my friends to just realize how special they are.

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Matters of Timing

"Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!" - Psalms 27:14

There are times in our lives where we get caught up in the here & now, and forget that our God and our destiny are forged in eternity. Very recently I went through something similar, where I devoted a lot of time thinking on this one situation until I slowly blocked out the alternatives. This is what I learned from that…

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Cast Fear Aside

So, as some of you know, recently things have been slightly more interesting around these parts than I like, but God has definitely been teaching me and pulling me closer to His heart because of it. I read an excerpt from Max Lucado’s fearless, and this is more or less my gut reaction to it, so bear with me ;)

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You Are Worth It

Worthless. That’s what a lot of people will say when you ask how the world makes them feel. Worthless. Waste of space. Stupid. Nothing. But how many of those people can actually turn around and know, deep in their hearts, just how much worth their life has? The sad truth is not many. The answer can not be found on this world. You are worth it, you are more, you are beautiful, you are perfect… in His eyes.

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Love is the greatest commandment of them all…

Matthew 22:37-40

Isaiah 38:16-17

Lord, because of these promises people live, and in all of them is the life of my spirit as well; You have restored me to health and let me live.

Indeed, it was for my own welfare that I had such great bitterness; but Your love has delivered me from the Pit of destruction, for You have thrown all my sins behind Your back.

The only person to ever say ‘God can’t’ was a liar and a thief. Don’t let Satan fool you; God can, and God will.

  • Cole Menard

Heaven’s message for you is clear: when everything else around you changes, God’s presence never does.

Max Lucado in Live Loved 


Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by your name; you are Mine.
- Isaiah 43:1

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Pursuing Love

Pursuing Love // How He First Loved Us

Sometimes we need to realize that in order for something new to rise, something old must fall. I’ve heard it said that the only way there can be a beginning is if there is first an end. We’ve all heard the stories of long lost heroes of old who laid down their lives for something greater than themselves; and in each of our hearts we know that something is off. Something is missing.

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