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The Bright Side of Struggle

So, this morning I got a trial that was planted right at my feet. I was driving to work and about 30 minutes into my drive my car starts to act up. It was completely out of the blue; one moment it was smooth and perfect (as a 10 year old car could be), and the next my engine was sputtering and before I knew it I lost all acceleration. I managed to get my car off the road where it then proceeded to die completely.

Now I know what you’re thinking; what a way to start the day!

But this was a blessing in disguise.

You see, as good and all powerful God is, He isn’t out to make my car break down. He doesn’t go in with a screwdriver before work to loosen a screw or two. Your car breaking down isn’t God’s fault.

I was blessed today; God gave me my life again.

Let me explain. Sure, my car may have decided to break down, but it broke in the perfect spot where I was able to safely get off the road and out of the vehicle before it could, I dunno, explode? God was watching over me. He set the circumstances and the situation in my favor for a safe outcome. It was going to break sooner or later; God made sure I was provided for. My dad was on his way to work and picked me up on the way. My girlfriend’s dad (who happens to be a whiz mechanic) talked me through a handful of situations, and 4 people offered to pick me up at work.

All I can do is smile and count my blessings. 

So next time you run into a trial; make sure to look on the bright side of struggle

G,P,& L